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Krank It Hole, LLC is the fastest growing sponsor of charity golf tournaments in our country. From the smallest local tournaments to the largest events in the nation, our program has provided charities a unique way to enhance their tournament with the top performance golf drivers as prizes and increase revenue for their causes. We are currently involved in tournaments with Kathy Ireland, Wounded Warriors, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Fallen Officers, Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen, Major League Baseball, NFL and many more. We provide the same professional services to each and every charity tournament.

We look forward to enhancing your tournament by creating fun and excitement, speeding up play and providing the charity with great prizes, including the top driver in golf that your players will love to win! Krank Golf makes the top performance golf driver in the game. Our driver holds the all-time long drive grid record in distance, has the highest ball speed ever recorded and we have won the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships the past four years in a row.

There is no charge for our services and we are the only golf company in the nation that gives the charity 100% value for every dollar we raise. We are self supporting, provide professional staff and equipment at no expense to the charity. We bring more value, for no extra work. Its all free to Charities!

SuperTicket with Krank It Hole Program|Streamline Registration, Exciting Prizes & Contests

  • Mulligans and/or Raffle Tickets (at the discretion of the tournament)
  • 4 Person-$100,000 Shootout Contest - cash prize if shot made or 3-day, 2-night vacation getaway for closest to the pin
  • Long Drive Contest on course winning a custom-built Krank driver ($500 value)
  • Putting or Closest to the Pin (KP) contest winning a custom-built Krank hybrid ($250 value)
  • Long drive scratch game (on back of Super Ticket) winning a 3-day, 2-night vacation getaway
  • $50 Gift Certificate for Krank Golf Clubs

Let us bring more excitement and do the work for you! With many Hole In One and Upgrade Packages available, our options for enhancing your tournament are limitless!

Prize Management Program

When each foursome arrives at the Krank It Hole, golfers get to hit the best driver in golf, receive an advantage with picking up their ball and advancing to our drivers world record of 483 yards to chip in for a double eagle. Our Prize Management Program is Free, Fun, Entertaining, Speeds Up Play and provides great prizes for your tournament!

Kranks Formula 5 drivers ($500 value) and hybrid irons ($250 value) are hand-made and custom-built. Everyone at your banquet will want to win our Drivers and Hybrids!

Krank It Hole guarantees fun, professionalism and the best golf hole experience in your tournament!

Please contact us today to book Krank It Hole at or 888-717-2434